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Administration Of Medications Policy and Procedure

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Administration Of Medications Policy and Procedure Includes:

  1. Procuring/obtaining medication for a participant 
  2. Collecting medication from the pharmacy 
  3. Change of medication halfway through signing forms (SARS and DACS) 
  4. Sending medication with a person to a day service 
  5. Sending medication with a client on an outing 
  6. Storage of medication in the home 
  7. Administering medication 
  8. Preparing to administer medication from Secure Dose Administration Aids (SDAA) 
  9. Steps for administering medication 
  10. Preparing to give medication from original packaging 
  11. Steps for administering medication from original container 
  12. Self-administration 
  13. Alteration of oral formulations 
  14. PRN medication [prescribed or “as directed”] 
  15. PRN medication [non-prescribed] 
  16. Medication error 
  17. Refusal to take medication 
  18. Invasive procedures 
  19. Medication audits 
  20. Disposal of medication 
  21. Review of medication 
  22. Consent to medical treatment 
  23. Administration of alternative therapies 
  24. Forms and aids used in conjunction with these procedures 
  25. Protocols for S8 Medication 

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